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Facebook facing a profile privacy settings fiasco.


Are Facebook users laying themselves open to exploitation and even danger through their profile settings?

That is the question I found myself asking after receiving the very same ominous message for a third time, each from a different facebook friend.

” If somebody called adds you to their Facebook account DON’T accept it because its a hacker.Tell everyone on your list because if someone on your list adds them you get them on your list he’ll figure out your ID co,puter address. So copy and paste this message to everyone even if you hate them and fast because if he hacks their mail he hacks yours. “

Is the person in question an extremely talented individual with vast amounts of time and resources to hand, that will systematically ‘farm’ facebook profiles harvesting private information for some nefarious master plan? Or, one cup of tea later, I found myself wondering if this could be the broadband – social networking equivalent of the chain letter?

My curiosity sufficiently aroused, I decide to fire up webfetch and do some investigating. Warning to all facebook profile owners, you are going to be a little upset from this point in! Continue reading

Wi-fi gives you breasts…

Wi-fi could be altering our DNA


Men will grow breasts and Hamsters will become feral, suggests Gary Marshall in .net magazine. Two UK schools have just banned Wi-Fi after pressure from concerned parents. Those parents are undoubtedly well meaning, but they are also idiots.

To date there’s no evidence that Wi-Fi is any more of a threat than a non geneticly tampered Hamster. However campaigners are quick to point out that it cannot be proved that it is safe. The internet is blamed for the numourous sites warning you about Wi-Fi. Continue reading

England to invade Wales…

extremely civil war debated!

When the Normans invaded England, they built a line of castles along the Welsh border in order to keep the barbarous Welsh at bay. In doing so, they unwittingly instigated centuries of debate and rivalry.

The most important castles stood in what was to become Monmouthshire, and it led to the creation of an uneasy ‘boundary’ region: Welsh land manned by English soldiers.

Gets a litle complicated here

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Windows Vista Launches!

So, it’s the big day..

Microsoft Windows Vista launches today, after months and months of increasing hype. But what does it mean to the average day Joe?

Another opportunity for Microsoft to beat up your PC? An exciting way to add to the Microsoft bank balance? Or the operating system we have all dreamt of?

The upgrade options

Well so far Vista has been reportedly shipped in 33 versions.. confused already? Read Brian Briggs guide to upgrading to Vista.
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