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How to show the avatars of your twitter followers on your website

A simple PHP script to display twitter followers

I have seen quite a lot of people asking how to get the avatars of their Twitter followers displaying on their website. Well, as a break to custom coding an e-commerce site for a client, I have cooked up a little code that does just that.

In addition to the obvious, that it displays the avatars of your followers on your website, it has a few little extras.

  • It displays the total number of Twitter followers above the list of avatars.
  • If Twitter falls of it’s perch or decides to return an error, it doesn’t display anything, so no breakages there.
  • You need only enter your Twitter username and password in order for it to do it’s thing.

The Twitters Followers avatar list is easy to style using the image class ‘twitter_followers’. Continue reading

WebFetch search engine – google beater?


Only in beta, but when serving up results WebFetch could be a google beater..

As you know I spend a lot of time wandering the internet trying to track down information, finding tasty morsels and researching applications. Well I stumbled across this little beauty and, my god, what a difference it makes.

…the controversy surrounding Google’s data retention policies…

WebFetch is a meta-search engine, which draws its results from Google, Yahoo, and MSN, however it doesn’t allow any of these engines to collect your personal data. what’s more WebFetch does not collect any information about its users either.

If you really needed to find something or somebody you would send out a search party, not just go it alone.

I think the principle is a very good one, summed up quite nicely here. Continue reading

More fun with 404 error’s

When the error page is more interesting than the content404-cartoon.jpg

Over the years I have had some private smiles by making custom ‘404 file not found’ error pages, yes a bit odd I know. But look what I have just found… the unofficial appreciation society for 404 pages. Be sure to check these in particular –

Got any more? post me a link please…