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Rumours and apps from the world wide web

pets – dogs behaving badly… puppet style!

pets the series

The inmates of the PETS house live in a surreal and bizarre world of their own creation..

Pets was first broadcast in 2001, and I can’t believe that I have been completely oblivious to it’s existence until last night! I own one of those video mp3 players from a manufacturer named after a piece of fruit. I have never really explored it’s possibilities until yesterday evening. Continue reading

WebFetch search engine – google beater?


Only in beta, but when serving up results WebFetch could be a google beater..

As you know I spend a lot of time wandering the internet trying to track down information, finding tasty morsels and researching applications. Well I stumbled across this little beauty and, my god, what a difference it makes.

…the controversy surrounding Google’s data retention policies…

WebFetch is a meta-search engine, which draws its results from Google, Yahoo, and MSN, however it doesn’t allow any of these engines to collect your personal data. what’s more WebFetch does not collect any information about its users either.

If you really needed to find something or somebody you would send out a search party, not just go it alone.

I think the principle is a very good one, summed up quite nicely here. Continue reading

More fun with 404 error’s

When the error page is more interesting than the content404-cartoon.jpg

Over the years I have had some private smiles by making custom ‘404 file not found’ error pages, yes a bit odd I know. But look what I have just found… the unofficial appreciation society for 404 pages. Be sure to check these in particular –

Got any more? post me a link please… suck!

Britain’s biggest pc component supplier goes tits up within a month..

From a customer service point of view have gone from hero to zero in the space of a month. Surely not, your thinking, they usually get the stuff to you next day and the prices are always good. And up until February the third this year you would be correct.

Then they upgrade their computer system over the weekend. You gotta love the irony of it, britains biggest pc component supplier updates its systems and the whole thing goes horribly wrong. Continue reading

Paris Hilton and word power.

Thats a combo of words I never thought I would see together!

Paris Hilton

Over at drasago blog I read an article which made me smile at its irony. This little episode, all news to me, is just so wrong in so many ways.

“A few months ago Miss Hilton stopped paying the rental fee on a storage space she had. The Storage rental company auctioned off everything in her unit, and some guy bought it all up for peanuts.
Continue reading