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pets – dogs behaving badly… puppet style!

pets the series

The inmates of the PETS house live in a surreal and bizarre world of their own creation..

Pets was first broadcast in 2001, and I can’t believe that I have been completely oblivious to it’s existence until last night! I own one of those video mp3 players from a manufacturer named after a piece of fruit. I have never really explored it’s possibilities until yesterday evening. Continue reading

Halo 3 launch day veterans video interview

The much awaited and much hyped Halo 3 launched today – we talked to the survivors!

After the best part of two years build up and ever increasing hype the Halo 3 launch started at midnight last night. Many shops opened at the stroke of midnight to provide a FPS fix to the salivating, game playing masses.

Microsoft threw yet another party and even the BBC rallied to the cause with a special report. The worlds media resources of ‘exclusive footage’ have been exhausted overnight. As the dust clouds being to clear over the high street we talk to a Halo 3 launch day veteran and hear of their first hand experiences. Continue reading

McLaren Mercedes marketing magic

McLaren F1

Alonso & Lewis Hamilton star in a humorous public relations exercise. Bet it cost less than £50 million though!

Relations between Hamilton & Alonso are becoming more publicly strained , there was that pit lane incident at the Hungarian Grand Prix which lead to

We’re extremely competitive. We can’t be best friends…
Lewis Hamilton

Alonso being removed from pole position and ultimately McLaren losing all constructors points for the race.

Of course the drivers views of the incident differed considerably, well some what less after Ron Dennis collared them.

After the holiday between races Ron Dennis arranged a meet and convenient press conference for the drivers to announce a truce. Continue reading

Gorillas in our midst

Cadbury showcase new talent

Having enjoyed a few beers, perhaps just one too many, whilst watching the game I had gone into stare mode in front of the television. Suddenly I am snapped back to ‘the here and now’ by some amazing imagery…

Completely taken aback by what I thought I had just witnessed I immediately did what any other human being would have done, with one hand I hit rewind on the Sky+ remote and with the other hand I entered Cadbury Gorilla into the Google search bar on the laptop sitting beside me. Continue reading