Dedicated UK Game Servers for Clans, at low US prices.

Dedicated UK Game Servers

Fantastic News for on-line PC gamers!

As all UK on-line PC gamers know, we get ripped off for game server rental. Our cousins in the US have always had a far better deal when it comes to prices for clan and game servers. Until now, that is.

Hypernia, the industry leading hosting services company in the US now has facilities in a London based UK data centre and they are still charging those low US prices!

  • $175 a month (less than £85.00) gets you a UK based dedicated box.
  • 100+ slots means you could run 3 x 32 slot ranked servers
  • Full remote access 24/7 allows you to set up new game servers or change on-line game.
  • Any combination of on-line game servers. BF2, BF242, CSS and Quake Wars to name a few.
  • Ranked and unranked game servers. With no charges for ranked game servers.

Essentially, you chose which on-line game servers you would like to run, do a one click install from the remote desktop and get your UK clan on-line in a matter of minutes.

As a UK based on-line PC gamer myself, I know you would pay £50+ for a single 32 player BF2 ranked server at the usual UK hosts! So for a little extra money you get full desktop control and unlimited game servers (up to the 100 recommended slots) with free voice comms. Imagine running Crysis + Quake Wars + Call of Duty 4 and BF2142 all on your own dedicated box with sweet UK pings for £85.00! For more information visit Hypernia.

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