pets – dogs behaving badly… puppet style!

pets the series

The inmates of the PETS house live in a surreal and bizarre world of their own creation..

Pets was first broadcast in 2001, and I can’t believe that I have been completely oblivious to it’s existence until last night! I own one of those video mp3 players from a manufacturer named after a piece of fruit. I have never really explored it’s possibilities until yesterday evening. In the absence of my other half, who was away for the weekend, I got bored! Usually a fatal thing to happen, I found myself messing about with the device and was extremely surprised at the video quality.

A quick meta search later and I am downloading a comedy podcast, no video there. Another quick search later and I am reading about Pets – an adult puppet comedy with some extremely strong language. Here is a little taster, staring Hamish the red setter, Trevor the bulldog, JP the parrot and Davina the cat…

There are two series of 13 episodes in each, Enjoy. All now available as free downloads!

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