Halo 3 launch day veterans video interview

The much awaited and much hyped Halo 3 launched today – we talked to the survivors!

After the best part of two years build up and ever increasing hype the Halo 3 launch started at midnight last night. Many shops opened at the stroke of midnight to provide a FPS fix to the salivating, game playing masses.

Microsoft threw yet another party and even the BBC rallied to the cause with a special report. The worlds media resources of ‘exclusive footage’ have been exhausted overnight. As the dust clouds being to clear over the high street we talk to a Halo 3 launch day veteran and hear of their first hand experiences.

Personally I would save yourself a lot of hassle and buy it from play.com! This report was brought to you by the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation with the Halo 3 launch day veterans.

Halo 3
Did you bag a copy of Halo 3?

2 thoughts on “Halo 3 launch day veterans video interview

  1. insertGamerTAG

    Cool video, sounds just like the kinda whiny kids you get on xbox live. lol

    and your right about the hype, sweet game tho.

  2. Jez

    My 360 has red rings of death, and i havnt been bothered to sort it out, so halo 3 is on my to do list whenever i get a working 360, along with mass effect, which will probably make me buy a new 360 cause it looks so freakin sweet :D

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