WebFetch search engine – google beater?


Only in beta, but when serving up results WebFetch could be a google beater..

As you know I spend a lot of time wandering the internet trying to track down information, finding tasty morsels and researching applications. Well I stumbled across this little beauty and, my god, what a difference it makes.

…the controversy surrounding Google’s data retention policies…

WebFetch is a meta-search engine, which draws its results from Google, Yahoo, Ask.com and MSN, however it doesn’t allow any of these engines to collect your personal data. what’s more WebFetch does not collect any information about its users either.

If you really needed to find something or somebody you would send out a search party, not just go it alone.

I think the principle is a very good one, summed up quite nicely here. “the most effective way to search because it combines results feeds from multiple search engines and is more secure because services like WebFetch do not gather personally identifiable information” – said Dominic Trigg, managing director at WebFetch.

Personally WebFetch, has made a big difference in the quality of results returned from my search queries. So much so in fact that I have written a plugin that adds the webfetch engine to my Google tool bar, you can download the xml below.

In summary, WebFetch’s meta-search technology offers a major step forward in online searching across Web, Video, News, Pictures and Audio. You heard it here first..


3 thoughts on “WebFetch search engine – google beater?

  1. AndyK

    Just wanted to say thank you for the support. I’ve been working as a consultant on Webfetch for the past few months helping with design and marketing and think we’ve got it to the point where the service is pretty good. The basic rationale behind the value of meta search has always been pretty sound, but I think Webfetch is the first meta search engine to look user friendly too. We’ve still got improvements to make and need to hear about what could still be improved – blog.webfetch.com – but it’s a good start. Thanks again.

  2. deep.thought Post author

    Good to hear from you AndyK, and keep up the good work.

    I would like to add a point that I missed from the original article, something fairly small that helps enormously in structuring my searches. When I click a result it opens a new tab in firefox (something that google doesn’t by default).

    This allows me to burrow down several individual results without having to backtrack to the results page when I hit a dead end. A simple thing, but invaluable to me.

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