More fun with 404 error’s

When the error page is more interesting than the content404-cartoon.jpg

Over the years I have had some private smiles by making custom ‘404 file not found’ error pages, yes a bit odd I know. But look what I have just found… the unofficial appreciation society for 404 pages. Be sure to check these in particular –

Got any more? post me a link please…

2 thoughts on “More fun with 404 error’s

  1. Misfitz

    I was sort of amused by this one but as you scroll down the page the whole site looks worse and worse. Which made me laugh in the end… radiohead are a big name, thought they would have done a ‘pucker job’ lol

  2. deep.thought Post author

    [quote comment=”431″]I was sort of amused by this one.. thought they would have done a ‘pucker job’ lol[/quote]
    I agree, it looks distinctly ‘dodgy’ lol

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