Monthly Archives: April 2006

reality dawns..

I woke up this morning

Always a good sign but I am racked with emotions, mainly panic with some anxiety mixed in!
Tuesday was a wasted day, heck of a hangover in the morning and an afternoon of work colleges phoning and asking ‘what happened?’ and offering words on encouragement and good wishes.

Today, Wednesday, I am now thinking ‘what have I done?’, how the hell am I going to pay the mortgage?, what are my family going to think?….

Being logical

What’s the down side –

  • I have monthly mortgage payments to make
  • The bills will still keep coming
  • No monthly salary
  • No work space
  • No work!

What’s the up side –

  • £800 a month covers the bills and mortgage
  • Anything over that means money in the bank
  • £800 isn’t a lot of money to cover
  • We have large empty room that can be my office
  • It’s the start of the summer and I am working from home!
  • I have a lot of business contacts to obtain work

Time for action.

In conclusion it’s time to make some calls and see if I can pull something out of the hat sooner rather than too late…